Alumni Friendships Lead to Gift for Theatre Roanoke College

Jay Alaimo '96 and Ann Collins-Carruth '94 develop a program that would remember their friend who had recently passed.

With visions of developing a program at their alma mater that would remember their friend who had recently passed away, Jay Alaimo '96 and Ann Collins-Carruth '94 went to work. Their intention was to honor the memory of David Kammert "Kam" Coyner '94 and to pay tribute to his love of film and theatre.

As theatre majors, Alaimo says he and Coyner spoke often about wanting to start an introductory film class or leaving some sort of legacy to Roanoke once they graduated and "hit it big". This talk would linger for years to come as they both struggled in their respective film careers. Jay felt there was no better way to respect their friendship than to fulfill this dream they both shared. "Kam was beyond special to me," states Collins-Carruth. "To be able to set up an endowment in his honor, at Roanoke - where I had the privilege of meeting some of my dearest friends - will hopefully keep his spirit alive not only for me but for all that knew, loved and enjoyed him."
On June 21, 2002, Coyner died suddenly from undiagnosed bacterial pneumonia while vacationing with his family. He was a 1994 Roanoke graduate who majored in theatre production. To date, The Kam Coyner Production Endowment for Theatre Roanoke College holds over $30,000. Jay and Ann, their many friends and Coyner's family are working to see this fund grow. This generous expression of love ensures that Kam will forever have a role in theatre at Roanoke.

If you'd like to honor Kam Coyner with a gift to The Kam Coyner Memorial Endowment or Theatre please contact the Roanoke College Resource Development offi ce at 540-375-2230, toll-free at 1-866-RCgive1 or online at

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