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Roanoke College graduate receives award for analytical chemistry work

  • Roanoke College graduate receives award for analytical chemistry work

  • 11/16/11
  • Salem, Va.--Dr. Robert "Chip" Cody recently received the prestigious Anachem Award for his contributions to the development of organic mass spectrometry, which is a method for measuring the mass of a molecule.

    "The official announcement was really exciting," said Cody, a 1976 Roanoke College graduate. "Especially seeing who has gotten it before me. There are some pretty famous people on that list."

    The Anachem Award is given annually to an outstanding analytical chemist based on teaching, research, administration or other activities that have advanced the field. Other well-known chemists and recipients of this award include Dr. E Neil Lewis and Dr. Mark Porter.

    Cody received the prestigious award at the Federation of Analytical Chemical and Spectroscopy Societies meeting in Reno, Nev., in October.

    "Chip is one of our most social scientists in terms of being in the student environment both on the undergraduate and graduate level and beyond," said Patricia Corkum, marketing manager at JEOL USA, a Massachusetts-based company that manufactures scientific instruments. "I think that's one of the things that made this award so exciting and relevant."

    Cody received his bachelor's degree in Chemistry from Roanoke College and went on to pursue his Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry at Purdue University in Indiana. He is a product manager for mass spectrometry at JEOL USA, Inc., and he has lectured about mass spectrometry courses at high schools, universities, and conferences.

    Among other contributions to the scientific community, Cody has developed The DART (Direct Analysis in Real Time) ion source, a tool that instantaneously measures matter in open air. The mass spectrometer, which has revolutionized crime scene analysis, is used by the FBI and has been featured on the hit CBS show, "CSI: New York."

    "The DART ion source lets us measure samples almost immediately, things like TNT on a business card, or cocaine on a dollar bill," Cody said.

    In addition to the Anachem Award, Cody has received the Nicolet Fellow award for outstanding technical contributions to a successful product and has served as vice president for arrangements for the American Society of Mass Spectrometry.

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