Roanoke College

Professor Releases Book on Christian Ethics

  • Professor Releases Book on Christian Ethics

  • 03/21/07
  • Professor, Dr. Robert Benne, has released a new book examining the ethics of the Lutheran Church and Christianity.

    Benne, the College's director of the Center for Religion and Society, has written his sixth book, Reasonable Ethics: A Christian Approach to Social, Economic, and Political Concerns. This book shows how an orthodox appropriation of Lutheran theology influences convictions on cultural, economic, political and ecclesial matters.

    In Reasonable Ethics, Benne examines basic Lutheran ethics and his own experiences in life, comparing both to popular word views. Benne also identifies the central core of theological affirmations common to all Lutherans and explores how this core promotes interaction in society.

    This new book details how intelligent and good willed Christians move from core beliefs to positions on economic, political and social matters.

    Benne is the Jordan-Trexler professor of religion (emeritus) at Roanoke College. He is a leading expert in Lutheran ethics and social thought. His other books include: Ordinary Saints: An Introduction to the Christian Life, Paradoxical Vision: A Public Theology for the Twenty-First Century, and Seeing is Believing: Visions of Life through Film