Better Together Awards: Roanoke College & Tyler Coles recognized by IFYC

Interfaith YouthCore's Better Together Day award for 2014 goes to Roanoke College! The program's award video highlights the students who signed the interfaith pledge, the RC Interfaith Council's effort to pack meals for underprivileged children and even showed a special Better Together cake made by Dining Services.

The first Mike Hammer Interfaith Leadership Award goes to Roanoke's own Tyler Coles '14. The award recognizes the best Better Together organizer who helps build the interfaith movement on their campus. Tyler started the College's Interfaith Council, was instrumental in uniting all of the College's religious and secular groups, and served as a Better Together coach this year. Roanoke's Office of Multicultural Affairs worked with Tyler on the development and support of his efforts with the Interfaith Council and helped connect him to the national opportunities for training with IFYC. 

Coles also was the subject of a profile in The Roanoke Times that published the day of Commencement.  

"I am extremely humbled to be given this award as it was created to honor Mike Hammer, an influential individual who had hand in shaping both the Better Together Campaign with IFYC AND the One Day Without Shoes program with TOMS shoes," Coles said.  "If we all picked just one cause in the world, no matter if that would be -- to support the hungry, save the rain forests, or support interfaith cooperation -- just imagine what this world would be like! It takes one person, with one heart, with one idea to make this world a better place to really set a movement in motion."


The awards video made one common mistake in reporting that Roanoke College is in Roanoke, Va. As all Maroons know, however confusing it may be to non-Roanoke Valley folks, Roanoke College is located in downtown Salem. Sure, we're right next door to Roanoke and surrounded by Roanoke County so it's all good, all over the Valley!  

Concordia College in Morehead, Minn., - like Roanoke, related to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America -was recognized with Interfaith Youth Core's Campus Impact Award.

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