Professor's book about unique naval warfare vessels now for sale

A book about World War II landing craft tanks, written by Dr. Tom Carter, an associate professor of English at Roanoke College, now is for sale.

The book "Beachhead Normandy," can be purchased on

Carter became interested in landing craft tanks after learning about his father's experiences aboard one of these vessels. Carter's father was a gunner on one of the tanks that landed on Omaha Beach during the first hour of the Normandy invasion.

Although landing craft tanks delivered vehicles, troops and supplies to better prepare for the invasion on the Normandy beaches, little to no documentation has surfaced about these machines and their influence during World War II.

In his book, Carter examines the unknown landing craft tank operations, specifically the ship his father was on, the LCT 614.

Through extensive research in U.S. Navy archives, the National Archives, and personal stories from crew members of the LCT 614, Carter discovers the story behind these American vehicles and their impact on the Normandy invasion.

-Published June 2, 2014

About the Author

Allison Shannon '15 of Salem, Va., is a student writer in Roanoke College's public relations office. She is double majoring in English and psychology, and she is a goalie for Roanoke's Women's Lacrosse team.

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