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Young alum lands position at well-known ad agency

  • Young alum lands position at well-known ad agency

  • 09/22/10
  • Courtney Faudree '09 says she learned plenty while she was at Roanoke College. A business administration major with a marketing concentration, she was active on campus in several organizations and used her time at Roanoke to the fullest. After graduation, Faudree continued to learnbut this time about patience.

    Ask any recent college graduate. Embarking upon the world and starting to find your way in the midst of an economic recession is far from easy. Faudree didn't lack motivation, either. She began looking for jobs and putting out feelers in November 2008, sending résumés and asking potential employers to let her know if they foresaw any openings around her graduation date. She looked online and in newspapers every day for open positions but still was unable to find anything.

    "Not being able to find something was quite frustrating. It was a weight on my shoulders at all times," Faudree says. "I told myself that if I was competing for jobs with people who had 20 years of experience, what was going to make me more appealing, being young and inexperienced?"

    In addition to patience, Faudree learned that things can turn around quickly. She landed a job at an advertising agencyand not just any advertising agency. She went from spending her days searching for a position to working for The Martin Agency, named U.S. Agency of the Year in 2009 by Adweek. Faudree was hired in December 2009 in a temporary position in the business management department but soon was moved to a full-time position as a project coordinator.

    "It was overly exciting when I got the news of the permanent position," Faudree says. "I was no longer hanging in limbo. It was a great sense of security."

    Every day has been different since Faudree started her new position. She has spent her time working on multiple accounts. When she began, she spent her time shadowing a project manager on accounts such as Discover, Barely There, Hanes and Just My Size. Since then, she has started some individual work for Moen, Morgan Stanley and the American Cancer Society. Faudree recently worked on a new campaign for the American Cancer society which includes television spots with famous musicians singing "Happy Birthday," and a website where different products are available.

    Faudree says that working at Martin is exciting and that everything is fast-paced. "There are always opportunities to learn more about technology advancements, changes in advertising, communication skills and the like," Faudree says. "We're growing, and it's a great company to work for. Being awarded Agency of the Year is just further proof that a company in Richmond can stand up to those in New York, which we're so often compared to."

    The things Faudree learned at Roanoke have helped her a lot, in her time now at the Martin Agency and in her time spent looking for a job. She says that working with career services helped in preparing for interviews, building a résumé to best highlight her accomplishments and keeping calm about the tough economy. Now that she has found a position, she's been able to use her education even more. "I feel like I can take a piece of each class and use it in some way daily," Faudree says.

    Working with many different types of people in the organizations she was a part of at Roanoke has also been helpful to her. "You need to be flexible, learn to work through difficult interactions and often times be neutral when you have an opinion," Faudree says. All of these traits I learned through my experiences at Roanoke."