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Dear Class of 2015

  • Dear Class of 2015

  • 09/08/11


    Dear Class of 2015,

    This letter comes to you from the Class of 2011. Though we won't share our years at Roanoke College together, we had a few things we wanted to share with you. It's hard to believe that only four years ago, we were standing in your shoes ready to embark on our college years at Roanoke. How quickly the time passed. Graduation came and went, and we scattered in different directions, sad that our four years at dear ol' Roanoke were over. Now the College's next chapter is left with you - but not without a little help from us. We leave you with a "bucket list" of sorts - some words tinged with humor, some words full of wisdom - for how to make the best of your time at RC.

    1. Take advantage of the professor-student camaraderie. Professors at Roanoke are truly passionate about their classes and take an interest in every student. That's something not all college campuses can provide.

    2. Learn the "Alma Mater." It has wonderful meaning and when you're standing at graduation four years from now it will be nice to know the words.

    3. Take a night or two off from studying to go to Mac and Bob's and make memories with your friends, because those are the nights you'll remember.

    4. Get to know the area. Sometime in the next four years go hiking, eat dinner in downtown Roanoke, go see the Mill Mountain Star and attend a Salem Red Sox game.

    5. To be a Maroon is to be a well-rounded individual - someone who can give well beyond his or her undergrad years in any facet of life. So be present - in class, so you have the chance to absorb these lessons, and in the Roanoke College community, so you have the chance to live out the lessons you learn as a Maroon.

    6. Don't oversleep or catch yourself running late for a class registration period. Five minutes can make all the difference when you're trying to get into a particular class.

    7. Believe in Roanoke College's educational foundation.

    8. When you step on campus for orientation, know that the best years of your life are ahead. You have the world at your fingertips and you can make the experience exactly what you want it to be.

    9. Get in the Maroon spirit and attend sporting events. Whether it's catching a soccer game on a crisp fall night or cheering on the lacrosse team on a sunny day in spring, it's fun to support RC with fellow classmates.

    10. In your time at Roanoke College, strive to better yourself as a person. Step out of your comfort zone and try new things. Build relationships with people you would classify as your friends for life.

    11. Participate in Relay For Life. Roanoke always raises a lot of money for a campus its size and it is such a good feeling to be out on the back quad all night with your peers in support of a good cause.

    12. Hike McAfee Knob at least once in your four years. Timing is everything: don't leave for your hike at 2:00 on a hot summer afternoon. Oh, and don't forget to pack plenty of water.

    13. Get involved - in a club, group or organization, preferably more than one. It will help make your collegiate experience much more enjoyable.

    14. Whether you're going on a Sheetz run during a study break or having an awesome time with friends, appreciate those random nights because they end way too soon.

    15. Get to know your professors. No one should wait until their senior year to beg for a graduate school or job recommendation from a professor they don't know very well.

    16. Be smart when planning out your classes and work really hard your sophomore and junior years. You'll appreciate it senior year when you can enjoy some of your last days of college on the porches of Macado's, and Mac and Bob's instead of inside the library.

    17. Not only does Campus Safety work to make the campus a safer place, they want to help you. Respect them. They are good people to have on your side.

    18. If you haven't studied well before an exam, make sure that on your walk to class you kick the post between Trout Hall and the Administration building!

    19. Enjoy the Commons - from Chef Bob's hot chocolate to the new pizza station to carnival days. Walking in for Sunday Brunch to the sound of the dining staff happily singing and cooking made-to-order omelets. Catching a good spot in line for the long-awaited, once-a-year crab feast. (Yes, you can go back for seconds.) Enjoy it!

    20. Keep your pen from opening convocation. It will mean something to you when it's all said and done.

    21. Get to know your peers, but get to know the faculty and staff, too. The College is truly a support system and everyone wants to make sure you have the best experience possible.

    22. Take advantage of the ability to start something at Roanoke. With its small campus, there's always an opportunity to bring something new to the College community, whether it be a team or a club.

    23. Participate in one of the campus photo shoots. It's fun to see yourself in the view book for a school that you once only imagined attending.

    24. Two words: Pancake Paradise. (You'll find out what this means. And you'll really, really like it.)

    25. Have fun, work hard and enjoy every fleeting moment. It's only four years and it sure flies by!


    The Class of 2011


    This list was compiled by Megan Semmelman '11, who is now pursuing a communications career in Richmond, Virginia.


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