Professor Co-authors Calculus Textbooks

Dr. Roland Minton's Text is Used in More Than 100 Colleges Across the U.S.

Dr. Roland Minton, professor of mathematics, stresses that understanding mathematics is critical to a rewarding life.

Minton has co-authored a series of calculus textbooks for McGraw-Hill, and has plans to publish three more in the next few years. Calculus is used in more than 100 colleges across the U.S., and on every continent except Antarctica.

The focus of this text is to synthesize both traditional and reform calculus movements into something any student can utilize. Real world examples, challenging writing exercises and the integration of technology within the text, make it accessible to all students. In addition, Minton has incorporated sports into his textbooks, thus giving them a theme most students are interested in.

"I want students to appreciate math, to be excited about it. I want them to realize that math is way more than solving equations and getting x equals y," says Minton.

Minton's thoughts on mathematics have led him to develop new courses in sports science, chaos theory and general education. These new theories had earned him invitations to speak at sports science conferences, and the publication of his college football ranking system by COMAP. In addition, Minton has earned the "Exemplary Teaching Award" from Roanoke College in 1998, and the "Virginia Outstanding Faculty Award" from the State Council of Higher Education in 2005.

Released: January 24, 2008