Roanoke College Physics professor named director of Experiential Learning

Dr. Richard Grant, a Physics professor at Roanoke College, is the college's new director of Experiential Learning. In his role, he will lead the Roanoke Pathways program, which emphasizes five areas of hands-on learning for students. These areas include internships, study abroad or away, service learning, research and artistic and creative works.

Below is an announcement about Grant's new position from Dr. Richard Smith, vice president and dean of Roanoke:

Dr. Grant came to Roanoke College in 1996 and rose through the ranks to be a professor of Physics in the department of Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics. In his time at Roanoke, Dr. Grant has established himself as a highly successful and respected teacher and an accomplished scholar (he is presently writing a Physics textbook), who is strongly committed to students and especially to undergraduate research.

He also has made many contributions to the life of the College, including most recently serving as one of the leaders of the committee that developed the Roanoke Pathways program. In so doing, he has consistently demonstrated a passion for improving experiential learning on campus and has developed the knowledge necessary for designing and implementing those improvements.

For these reasons, Dr. Grant is extremely well suited to serve as the first director of Experiential Learning.

Released: October 18, 2011
Contact Name: Public Relations
Contact Phone: 375-2282
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