Elderscholar Lecture Series

SALEM, Va.—Registration for Roanoke College’s popular Elderscholar program is Thursday, October 21 from 10 a.m. until Noon in the Olin Hall Smoyer Gallery on a first-come, first-serve basis.  In its 20th year, the Elderscholar Program will offer a lecture series of two six-week sessions.  The classes for both sessions begin at Noon and run until 1:15 p.m., followed by lunch.  The registration fee for either session is $65 per person, which includes the cost of lunch.   For more information, please call the Director of Community Programs and Special Events at (540) 375-2323.

Session I, “Technology and Its Impact on the Modern World,” begins Tuesday, October 26.  The topics include: “WMD in Iraq: Discoveries, Charges and Countercharges,” “Fingerprint Analysis,” “The Societal Impact of Technology: Privacy, Security & Ethics,” “The Work of Music in an Age of Digital (Re) Production” and “Elements of Cryptology.”

Session II, “Ideas and Ideologies,” begins Thursday, October 28.  The topics will include: “Modern and Not So Modern Labor Relations,” “The Challenge of Fascism,” “Considering the Environmental Impact of Ancient and Historical Human Cultures,” “Is There Life After Communism?—The Case of Slovakia” and “American Christmas Traditions.”

The final meeting of the lecture series will be a joint graduation of both sessions featuring a luncheon and a musical program by Roanoke College students Tuesday, December 7.

Elderscholar is a program for senior citizens at least 55 years of age.  The Elderscholar lecture series features Roanoke College faculty speaking on their areas of expertise and includes a lively question and answer session after each class.