Maxey appoints Green Advisory Committee at Roanoke College

SALEM, Va. - Reflecting Roanoke College's commitment to environmental responsibility, President Michael Maxey has formed a Green Advisory Committee. This group of more than 20 faculty, staff and students will begin its work by conducting an audit of current College efforts. Results of the audit will be used to help identify additional opportunities for sustainability efforts. The committee will then examine the feasibility of the various options in regards to impact and cost-effectiveness and will make recommendations to President Maxey and his Cabinet.

The Green Advisory Committee is chaired by Mac Johnson, senior advisor to the president. Faculty members include: Dr. Denise Adkins, assistant professor of psychology; Dr. Jon Cawley, assistant professor of biology; Dr, Julie Lyon, assistant professor of business administration and economics; Dr. Dar Jorgensen, professor of biology; and Dr. Daniel Sarabia, assistant professor of sociology.

Also serving are: Elizabeth Fletchall, assistant director of admissions; Teresa Gereaux, director of public relations; Jesse Griffin, director of community service and assistant to the chaplain; Bob Hines, associate dean for student life; Terri Maxey, first lady of Roanoke College; Stephen McTigue, network and systems specialist; Bill Sphar, manager of housekeeping; Larry Walker, manager, planning and projects; and David Wiseman, manager of library information systems.

Students serving on the committee include Sheila Leary '11, of Suffield, Conn.; Cassandra Lord '10, of Sylva, N.C.; Lea Lupkin '09, of Coral Spring, Fla.; and Garrett Schaperjahn '10 of Galway, N.Y. Roanoke College's environmental concern extends to its approach to current construction projects. Energy-saving practices have been incorporated into the renovation of the freshman residence halls and the College is working toward LEED certification for the renovation of Lucas Hall, its foreign language building. LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is a certification program providing national standards for the design, construction and operation of green buildings.

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For additional information, call the Roanoke College Public Relations Office at (540) 375-2282.

Released: July 18, 2008
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