International Education Week

International Education Week at Roanoke College will be November 8-12. The lectures will be presented by international scholars from 11:50 a.m. to 12:50 p.m. For more information, please call (540) 375-2299.

The following lectures will be given during the week:

• Monday, November 8, Dr. Sabine O'Hara, president of Roanoke College, "Globalization: Environmental and Social Perspectives," Olin Recital Hall.

• Tuesday, November 9, Dr. Meeta Mehrotra, assistant professor of sociology, "Globalization in South Asia: The Impact on Women and the Labor Force," Colket Center Kime Lounge.

• Wednesday, November 10, Dr. Shabnam Modarres Mousavi, visiting instructor of economics, "Globalization in the Middle East: Perspectives from the Persian Gulf and Beyond," Colket Center Patterson Lounge.

• Thursday, November 11, Dr. Joshua Rubongoya, professor of international relations, "Globalization by Whom and for Whom: The African Experience," Colket Center Pickle Lounge.

• Friday, November 12, Dr. Dolores Flores Silva, assistant professor of Spanish, "Globalization in Latin America: The Impact on Literature and Education," Colket Center Patterson Lounge.