John Hummel '91 - Bend, Oregon; State and Federal Policy Director, Oregon Primary Care Association; newly elected district attorney for Deschutes County, Oregon

John works with the Oregon Primary Care Association, non-profit membership association comprised of Oregon's 31 community health centers that operate 202 community health clinics caring for underserved Oregonians. His previous work includes director of the Oregon Consensus Program, the state's public policy dispute resolution program. An attorney and former member of the Bend City Council, John previously served as the Liberia, Africa country representative for the Carter Center, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter's non-profit organization. John led the Carter Center's efforts to assist Liberians in improving the justice and mental health systems for a country recovering from a 14-year civil war. He also is a co-founder and treasurer of Boost, a non-profit micro-finance organization that supports individuals, organizations, communities and small businesses that need a small amount of assistance to overcome an immediate challenge. On May 20, 2014, he was elected Deschutes County District Attorney.

"We all deserve to be heard. My raison d'etre is ensuring that the least among us have opportunities to provide input into decisions that impact their lives. As an attorney for the poor, an elected official, a community health advocate and a conflict resolution professional, I experience on a daily basis the positive impact that empowerment has on marginalized individuals. I have come to also appreciate the benefit to society that is realized when we add voices to community deliberations that have heretofore been missing." 

"Service was an inseparable part of the Roanoke experience. The low-key, lead-by-example ministry of [The Rev. Paul] Henrickson was omnipresent and impactful. Dean Mac Johnson's emphasis on student service contributed to a campus culture of mutual respect. And sociology professor Eberle Smith's passion for the plight of incarcerated youth was palpable as our class toured juvenile detention facilities. By modeling how to live a life of service, Roanoke faculty, administrators and staff impacted me outside of the classroom as much as in."

"I received the call to aspire to the highest standards possible loud and clear during my college years. What did the caller say? That...if I worked hard, asked for help when needed and pushed myself out of my comfort zone, I would be rewarded by being well-prepared for the next chapter of my life. The caller was right. I'm glad I answered the call."   


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