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Kaitlyn Bell - “Beyond my horizons”

  • Kaitlyn Bell - “Beyond my horizons”

  • Spain... England... Nicaragua... Guatemala... Costa Rica....

    "My college experience has been more than I could possibly have envisioned for myself," says senior Kaitlyn Bell, who has studied, worked, taught, and volunteered around the world during her time at Roanoke.

    "I never would have expected to... teach at a school in Costa Rica or pursue many of the leadership roles I have," she adds, "but in doing so I have been able to expand my knowledge and become more independent."

    In addition to experiencing the world through travel, Bell has found innovative ways to share her passion for other cultures--both by organizing a week of campus-wide multicultural events for Honors Conference Week and by creating a series of bilingual stories for children as part of her summer scholars project.

    Bell credits much of her success at Roanoke to the strong relationships she forged with her professors: "They've pushed me to go beyond my horizons... and realize that I can do things that I didn't necessarily think that I could."