Student sees global business at work through study, internship in Italy

Traveling and studying abroad is a tremendous experience, and an excellent way for students to develop an education, especially in the rich, rolling hills of Italy.

Kristin Troianello '15, a Business major at Roanoke College, studied in the small city of Perugia, Italy, last fall.

"I wanted to go to Italy. My family is from there," said Troianello of New Jersey. "But I wanted to go somewhere less Americanized than the other Italian cities."

Perugia ended up being a perfect fit for her.

It is the regional capital of Umbria, which is a notable cultural and artistic center. During the year, about a quarter of the population is estimated to be students, providing an excellent learning environment.

Troianello enrolled in an international marketing program at Umbra Institute. The institute provides a unique study abroad program incorporating a variety of fields of study.

This interdisciplinary program gave Troianello real world experience in her focus area, international business.

She also interned for Pashmere, a family-run cashmere clothing company in Perugia.

Troianello, alongside other interns, helped Pashmere in many ways. The students researched current and potential market trends to monitor for exploitation and conducted a review of Pashmere's business operations. Troianello's country of focus was Germany.

"It was amazing to know I worked for a real business," she said. "It made me work harder and better."

Students researched the markets of different countries, and at the end of the semester presented their findings to Pashmere representatives.

Pashmere executives said they planned to use the students' research for company business.

Now that Troianello has returned to school at Roanoke, she has found that life is a bit different, compared to Italy.

In Italy, she said she realized that "being at Roanoke has made me more independent," then she was before college.

However Troianello said her Italy experience left her "more open minded and open to experience. I want to see the world now."

"It is an experience you won't forget and with the friends you make, it is an adventure," she added.

Troianello's study abroad in Italy has cemented her focus in the international marketing and global business fields. Her time in Italy has made her want to travel and pursue a career in international marketing.

-Published Feb. 20, 2014

About the Author

Alejandro Menjivar '15 of New York, N.Y., is a student writer for Roanoke's Public Relations office. He is majoring in English and Communications, and he also works as a referee for intramural sports at Roanoke. Alejandro plans to pursue a career in public relations or journalism.

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