Career Services Launches New Service for Students and Alumni

Finding a job or employee has never been easier.

Roanoke College Career Services is a place where students and alumni can gain career help for a number of different things, and now the office is making yet another resource available. Career services is expanding the College's network through MaroonNet, a new free Web site for job postings serving employers as well as Roanoke alumni, students and parents.

There are two sides to the network. Students and alumni can post and manage résumés and other employment related documents, search for jobs and internships and inquire about jobs.

Alumni, parents and employers can post jobs for a database of qualified Maroons to search, and employers also can search the database for prospective employees through keywords such as majors or job interests.

The College has tried similar databases in previous years but they have always come and gone. Toni McLawhorn, director of career services, said, "We have a need for a system that allows Roanoke students and graduates to gain exposure." McLawhorn also said she doesn't think it will be a problem getting Roanoke alumni involved for students who are searching for careers, as they already send jobs and internships to the College on a daily basis.

Using MaroonNet is simple. To begin, one must register the system by creating a username and password and filling out information based on which facet of MaroonNet is being utilized, the job search or job posting.

One of the best parts of MaroonNet is the quality control. Just as they do on campus, career services staff monitor any postings and approve them before they are available for access. If someone is seeking a job, staff members review their resume and other employment documents and help improve them if necessary.

For MaroonNet users not on campus, the staff will work with résumés via e-mail so all users can be sure that everything they post is a great representation of their work. In addition, the office monitors job postings by employers so those using the network know anything posted is credible.

The system eventually will be multifunctional, allowing students to register for workshops and other career services events. MaroonNet is an exciting addition to the tools available at the College for students and alumni.

Released: September 14, 2009