The Maxeys gear up as the ‘first family’ of Roanoke

Mike, his wife Terri and their three sons live just a block from the College

President Mike Maxey certainly has brought a lot to the world of education, but he also has gained significantly from it as well. Most importantly, he'll smile and tell you, that's where he met his wife, Terri.

Both were working at Averett College, now Averett University, in Danville, Va. She, an admissions counselor, and he, assistant dean of students, courted for a year, married and moved to jobs at the University of New Hampshire and then in 1985 to Roanoke College. Since then, they bought a home literally just up the street from the College, had three sons and have watched together as their boys and the College have grown.

"I was thrilled when Mike was named president," says Terri Maxey, "because he has always been so dedicated to Roanoke College."

While she is happy with her husband's new position, she's aware that being Roanoke's "first family" will present some challenges. "It's a big transition for all of us," she says. "We both want to preserve our family life together, but we know that the presidency has become, in a way, a new member of our family. The boys and I will have a chance to meet some fascinating people!"

Terri had worked in financial aid and admissions at three different colleges. She also has volunteered in Salem schools for 14 years. Still, she certainly shares the president's enthusiasm for Roanoke College and for Salem and says they've been a great setting for their whole family. Their two younger sons, Jack, 13, and Stuart, 17, are in Salem public schools, and the oldest, Michael, 20, is attending Wittenberg University, a liberal arts school with a Lutheran heritage similar to Roanoke's in Springfield, Ohio.

Roanoke College has been "a rich environment for children to grow up in," she says. "Our sons have attended lectures, concerts and events, and they pull for the Maroons. All three boys play soccer, and this summer they've enjoyed pick-up soccer games at the spectacular Don Kerr Stadium."

The new first lady of Roanoke also thinks highly of the College's students. "We have had the privilege to know many students over the years. They babysat our boys in their younger years. And many students have visited our home. I like the way that Roanoke treats students as whole persons and develops their minds and characters. I want that same kind of college experience for my sons."

Terri shares her husband's parental pride in their sons. She says Michael is "thoughtful and very considerate." Stuart has "a good sense of humor and is compassionate," and Jack is "inquisitive and observant."

She also shares the president's optimism about the College and its future. "Mike and I have been married for 29 years. We never dreamed of an opportunity like this, but I am so pleased to serve Roanoke in this way," she says. "There is so much to learn, and we are learning fast."

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