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May courses to give Roanoke students global perspective, knowledge

  • May courses to give Roanoke students global perspective, knowledge

  • 05/08/14
  • Adventures are in store for Roanoke College students enrolled in the College's May Term courses this month.

    Starting this week and next, students will travel to 12 countries, explore cities and states within the United States or dive into learning on Salem's campus.

    Below are some of the unique travel courses planned for Roanoke students.

    A Tale of Two Cities: England and France 
    Professors: Dr. James Hargrove, Dr. Ken McGraw

    This course explores two of the most influential cities in the world, London and Paris. Students will learn what culture, literature and art say about the cities themselves.

    American Tourist in Rome
    Professors: Dr. Mary Henold, Giuliana Chapman

    For the first week of this course, students will brush up on Italian language skills before heading to Rome to explore how Americans have viewed this Eternal City through fiction and travelogues.
    Comparative Education: France
    Professor: Dr. Tim Reynolds

    Students will be participant observers in international classrooms, allowing them to learn about French culture and schools.

    Fieldwork in Comparative Phonology: Ireland
    Professor: Dr. Jim Ogier

    This course explores the principles of phonology, a branch of linguistics that deals with the systems of sounds. Students will study two different speech regions of Ireland - Galway and Derry.

    Contemporary India in the Shadow of Gandhi
    Professor: Dr. Michael Heller

    This course views India through the lens of Mahatma Gandhi's life. Students will study issues of poverty, technology and the way that Gandhi's nonviolent achievements impacted the nation.

    Political Religions in Europe: Fascism, Marxism, and Nazism - Slovakia
    Professor: Dr. Paul Hinlicky

    Students will travel to the center of Europe, such as Austria, Hungary, Poland and the Czech and Slovak Republics, while studying the time period from the end of World War 1 to the fall of communism and the rise of political religions that focused on secular gods, including nation, race and class. Students will study scholarly texts and Hinklicky's book "Before Auschwitz."
    Korea's Modern Trajectory
    Professor: Dr. Stella Xu

    This course studies the major changes Korea has undergone in the past five decades to become a nation of prominence. It focuses on different movements within the country, including historical, political and social, and the role of the United States in Korea.
    Language and Culture of Spain
    Professor: Dr. Charlene Kalinoski

    This course takes students to Madrid and elsewhere to explore artifacts and gain a fuller understanding of Spanish culture and language through immersion.

    Pausanias' Tour of Greece
    Professor: Dr.  Jason Hawke

    This course follows the travelogue of Pausanias, a 2nd century Greek living under Roman rule, to explore the cities of Greece through a contemporary and historical lens. Students will travel in his footsteps for a journey that will take them to Athens, Sparta, Corinth and Delphi.

    Promotions in Paris
    Professor: Dr. Pamela Galluch

    Through this course, students will examine promotions management in Paris. Students will visit museums and shopping districts and explore advertisements to understand sales promotions, design and business.

    Rhetoric of Tourism: South Africa
    Professor: Dr. Erica Cooper

    This course will examine the ways that high visibility regions appeal to tourists. It will examine the rhetoric used in marketing and explore the tourism industry and complex interrelationships that develop among tourists, businesses, government and residents.

    Service and Peacework in Belize
    Professor: Dr. Katie Elmore

    Students will explore the culture and history of Belize by working with local teachers, laborers and primary school children.

    Stockholm on the Water
    Professor: Dr. James Peterson

    This course will teach students about the social history of Stockholm, Sweden, and how its placement on the water impacts life there. Stockholm is built on 14 islands, and one third of the city consists of parks, one third is the city itself and the one third is on water.


    Adventure into Nature
    Professor: Dr. Steve Powers

    Students will explore the interaction of geology, plants and animals of Southern Appalachia by taking a week-long trip through the Appalachians. This natural history course will include hiking, camping and river snorkeling.

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    -Published May 8, 2014