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New Associates Find a Need and Fill It

  • New Associates Find a Need and Fill It

  • 05/16/08
  • Roanoke College faculty teaching in newly renovated Miller Hall have encountered an unexpected glitch in the building. For it they can thank Greg and Nicole Brewer Terrill '94, '95. The Terrills, who became Associates of the College in 2006, donated the hardwood tables and the upholstery and leather chairs and sofas that occupy the atrium lounges located on each of Miller's three floors. "What has always attracted us to Roanoke College is the attention to the outside: the beauty of the campus and the fit of the school within the town," Greg explains. "We wanted to see the same care given to the inside."

    Greg, a Bedford, VA, native and former SGA president, and Nicole, of DeLand, FL, met her freshman year in Dr. Denis Lape's honors English class. Following Nicole's graduation, the two English majors married and moved to New York to enter graduate school, Greg at Seton Hall for an MBA and Nicole at Columbiafor a MPH (Master of Public Health). In 1999 they returned to the Roanoke Valley to start a family, which now includes Nora, 5, and Sally, 20 months, and for Greg to take over the Bedford-based family business, Frank Chervan, Inc. One of Greg's first acts was to veer the furniture frame manufacturer from residential and into high-end office and health care furniture.

    When the Terrills heard that their alma mater was involved in a building project, they asked Judi Nelson, then vice president for resource development, how they could help. Thus was born the idea of the atrium furniture for the English Department's home. "An aspect of our education for which we always have been thankful is Roanoke's emphasis on serving the community," says Greg, a sentiment that Nicole, who volunteers on several organizations' boards, echoes. "This was a way we could fill a need at the school we love." Students in Miller love filling the chairs and sofas-so much so that their professors have to shoo them out of the lounges and into the rooms for classes to begin.