Roanoke College Unveils New Strategic Plan

Published March 7, 2006.   The plan has since been updated.


SALEM, VA—Roanoke College is rooting its future in a new strategic plan. The 2015 Strategic Plan, which was developed by President Sabine U. O’Hara working with the college’s board of trustees, faculty, alumni, staff and students, commits the college to becoming a leader in integrative learning.

“The world is complex and interconnected, and we want to prepare our students to meet the challenges they encounter in effective and creative ways,” O’Hara said. “Learning takes place not only in the classroom but in the lab, in community service projects, in study abroad opportunities and it invariably takes place in more than one academic field. In fact, most important findings in the sciences, medicine, economics and political science have been rooted in more than one discipline and in both theory and practice. As a liberal arts college, we are especially well positioned to expose our students to such integrative learning. That’s what Roanoke College is about and it’s what the future demands”.

The 2015 Strategic Plan refines the mission statement for the college and sets four main goals. Implementation of the plan is already underway in several areas.

Roanoke College's Mission is to engage students in their development as whole persons through an integrative learning approach that stresses intellectual, ethical, spiritual and personal growth and prepares our graduates for responsible lives of learning, service, and leadership in a diverse and changing world.

Goal #1: Be recognized for excellence in integrative learning.
Roanoke’s faculty members are committed teachers and active scholars. The college’s academic excellence has been recognized by prestigious organizations like Phi Beta Kappa and Omicron Delta Kappa. Yet Roanoke College knows that students must be equipped to do more than become accomplished in one academic field. The world is complex and fast paced. The ability to integrate learning across the disciplines and to put knowledge into practice are key to understanding and succeeding in today’s world and Roanoke’s curriculum meets this key goal.

Goal #2: Create a student-centered culture built upon openness and collaboration between faculty, staff, students and alumni.
Roanoke College is committed to placing students at the center. Roanoke students are engaged, challenged and supported as an integral part of the Roanoke College community. Roanoke students reach high standards of achievement and integrity. Learning as members of a diverse, intellectually stimulating, and open community is central to the Roanoke experience and it prepares students to be resourceful, informed and responsible citizens who make a difference in the world.

Goal #3: Enhance our campus environment to support the achievement of our vision.
Learning is influenced by how and where we learn. Roanoke College is committed to fostering a living learning environment where faculty and staff doors are open and where students can learn, socialize and grow as individuals and as active citizens. A safe and aesthetically pleasing environment and easy access to the city and the outdoors are all part of a learning experience that fosters intellectual, spiritual, ethical and personal growth.

Goal #4: Build strong connections to our community, region and the world.
Roanoke College is committed to connecting students to people, places and organizations that prepare them for global citizenship. Roanoke students have opportunities to practice leadership skills, service mindedness, creativity and collaboration. These opportunities and connections prepare students not only for their first career but for a lifetime of learning and success.

Roanoke College, the country’s second oldest Lutheran-related college, is an independent, co-educational, four-year liberal arts college. Roanoke is one of just 270 colleges nationwide with a chapter of Phi Beta Kappa, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious honor society. The Princeton Review names Roanoke as one of the “best in the Southeast.” Roanoke’s 1,900 students represent 41 states across the U.S. and 25 foreign countries.

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