RC Poll: Va Consumer Sentiment: Jump in current conditions fuels sentiment, expectations wane

Virginians are more optimistic about the future of the economy than the nation as a whole, according to the results of the latest Roanoke College Poll.

Virginians report being better off financially today than a year ago and that business conditions have strengthened. Improved sentiment in the Commonwealth could stem from a variety of sources. Negative reports of international unrest, stagnant real wages, and volatile stock markets are balanced by positive reports of steady labor markets and stable gas prices.

Of the regions in Virginia, consumer sentiment is declining only in the Tidewater area, according to the poll, conducted Aug. 11-15. Even so, Southwest Virginia reported a 10-point increase in current conditions, potentially due to a series of recent announcements that will increase business investment and bring new jobs.

Read the full results of the Roanoke College Poll here.

Released: August 21, 2014
Contact Name: Dr. Alice Louise Kassens
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