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Real World Learning: Roanoke student lands job at national commercial television network

  • Real World Learning: Roanoke student lands job at national commercial television network

  • 09/26/13
  • This story is the first in an occasional series highlighting Roanoke College students' real world learning experiences.

    Networking is a necessity for landing a job.

    Sophie Wilson, who graduated in May from Roanoke College with a bachelor's degree in communications, can attest to it.

    Not only did she have a unique internship in New York City this past summer, but she also landed a dream job with one of America's leading television networks.  

    Wilson, who is from Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., began the summer of 2013 as an intern with Tory Burch, an American designer with multiple product categories, including clothes, handbags, shoes and jewelry. The internship was completed over a few weeks' time.

    Wilson interned for the global marketing department, and she put outfits together for stores in Singapore, China and Japan and researched competitor perfumes for the launch of a new product.

    Wilson also worked at multiple summer events. One was an event for the Tory Burch Foundation. The Foundation supports the economic empowerment of women entrepreneurs and their families in the United States through small business loans, mentoring programs and entrepreneurial education.

    "I had the opportunity to do some charity work and help plan the events as well as attend the events," Wilson said.

    After the internship, Wilson continued her search for full time employment in New York City.

    She admits the job search was not easy, but her hard work paid off. A family friend helped her land a job at Fox Broadcasting Co.

    "My family and I have been going to a little deli in my town for years," Wilson said. "The owner told me he would give my resume to a friend at Fox Broadcasting. He couldn't promise anything but I gave him my resume and didn't hear back for a while. Next thing I knew it was June 9, and I was starting my first day of work."

    At Fox Broadcasting, located in New York City, Wilson is a sales assistant who works with Fox account executives, who plan commercials for Fox in Los Angeles, Chicago and Philadelphia.

    "I am an assistant to two account executives so they are the ones that make the deals with the buyers at the ad agencies," Wilson said. "The sales assistants on my team input the orders and talk to the specific stations for each city and make sure everything runs the way it was ordered. I've learned time is sensitive. There is a lot of pressure and you have to figure out what is important."

    Networking was Wilson's key to navigating her career path.

    "I got this job because I knew someone," Wilson said. "The more you can talk to people the better. I reached out to everyone in the city. Even if you don't know them that well, just talk to people and see if they are doing anything of interest. Most likely, they are willing to help you."

    -Published Sept. 26, 2013