Scott Segerstrom ’02 sparks young leaders through conservation program

Profile of Service: Scott Segerstrom - Denver, Colorado; Associate Director, Colorado Youth Corps Association

Scott's work positions him to serve thousands of young people across Colorado. He works with legislators, land management agencies and other stakeholders to put young people to work on public lands, where they perform conservation projects across the state while learning about the environment and themselves. While the association's measurable outcome is conservation of natural resources, its primary impact is to provide meaningful service opportunities that create the spark of leadership in young people.

"My path through Roanoke College made a career in service inevitable. Prior to freshman orientation I participated on a service trip with the Rev. Paul Henrickson, which laid the groundwork for four years of mentorship in striving to be a better person each day. Later, Dr. Melanie Almeder's 'Literature of the Witness' course reinforced the importance of compassion and awareness. Dr. Paul Hanstedt and Dr. Mike Heller's personal investment in the success of their students, not just intellectually but emotionally modeled a humanity that taught me the value of inspirational leadership." 

"Roanoke College led me to aspire to the highest standards possible by directing me to numerous life-changing mentors who embodied those standards: Cynthia Overton, administrative assistant for Residence Life, taught me about courage and humor in the face of adversity; Patrick Paradzinski, area coordinator, taught me about integrity; Mac Johnson taught me about finding peace and equilibrium in the natural world; and there were many, many additional mentors who kindly took interest in me and recognized the potential for achievements I did not believe possible."

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