Sean Burch '92 and Team Endurance win Ultimate Survival Alaska (with video)

Eddie Ahyakak, Dallas Seavy and Sean Burch. Photo courtesy of National Geographic Channel.

Eddie Ahyakak, Dallas Seavy and Sean Burch. Photo courtesy of National Geographic Channel.

Sean Burch once again met an amazing challenge and this time we got to watch him in action from the comfort of our warm, safe living rooms. Burch was a member of the winning team on National Geographic Channel's "Ultimate Survival Alaska." Team Endurance - one of four teams competing - paired endurance athlete Burch with Dallas Seavey and Eddie Ahyakak, who also are amazing outdoorsmen. Since the show's winning episode aired Sunday, Seavey won his second Iditarod race - finishing the race Tuesday in record-breaking time.

Team Endurance won four of 11 challenges to claim bragging rights as "Ultimate Alaska Survivors." They didn't win much else. "There's no money involved," Burch said. "But at the end, you'll see first of all if you can survive it and if so, can you actually win?"

Watch the full interview with Burch:

Burch said much of his success started with lessons learned at Roanoke. "I started doing martial arts training my freshman year at Roanoke and that was the basis for my training in mental fitness," he said. "Yet at the same time, Roanoke College is a liberal arts college and I think that's a crucial component for students in college. It's a small world now and we need to be world citizens."

Burch often speaks to executives and other groups about mental fortitude and reaching goals.

"I want to bring the same passion I bring to expeditions to Roanoke College, its students, and the surrounding community," Burch said. "I hope fellow alumni and students watch the season of shows, and then are motivated to go out and purposely look for goals to achieve they previously may have been scared of trying. Face your fears, for that is when you really learn what you're made of inside."

Keep up with Burch's adventures on his website.

Released: March 12, 2014
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