For Student Organizations

Approval Process for Student Organizations

If you are a student organization, simply follow these simple steps:

1. Create your artwork while following the guidelines

2. Send an email to and briefly describe what you are making and submit your artwork for approval

3. Once your artwork has been approved, you may go ahead with production


Top Seven Ways to NOT get your artwork approved

7. Put Rooney in a compromising position
Rooney represents Roanoke College, just like all our logos, and should always be used with the taste and dignity that we associate with Roanoke College. Art containing vulgar or questionable representations of Rooney will not be approved.

6. Using vulgar language
No vulgarity may be used on any product with any Roanoke College trademark or logo, nor may any language or images of questionable taste be used with them. The issue of taste will be determined by the Roanoke College Public Relations Office.

5. Leave out the ® or TM mark
That ® or TM marks might seem small to you, but they are very important. It states that the logos are an entity of Roanoke College and permission must be granted in order to use them. Please make sure you do not accidentally exclude it while designing your art for submission.

4. Obscure the logo or change it completely
Any Roanoke College logo needs to be unaltered if you wish to use it. When used in art, logos shouldn't be covered up or obscured in any way.

3. Associate Rooney with drugs, sex, or alcohol
Rooney is associated with Roanoke College so no references to drugs, sex, or alcohol can be used in conjunction with him or any other Roanoke College logo. No alcohol or drug paraphernalia are permitted. Don't even ask; they will not be considered.

2. Royalties
You should never assume that because you're a student organization that you will not be responsible for paying royalties. It is very likely that you will be exempt from paying royalties but in rare cases you may not be. Ask the PR office about waivers and royalty rates.

1. Do it without asking
Always ask first! Our office is here to help you, and we're always available to do so. Check with us before starting production on any tee shirts or other products you might want to make or sell through your organization. Chances are, you'll be approved. However, if you simply go forward without checking with us, you will certainly be unable to keep making or selling your product. It's an easy but necessary five minutes to takes to drop by our office. We're always willing to schedule appointments and you can contact us at any time by emailing us at