Common Logo Mistakes

Omitting White Border

The athletic logos must always have a white border to separate it from a dark background. Omitting it may render the logo illegible.

Although the logos look as though they don't have a white border around them because they are on a white background, it is in the artwork file. You should not leave off the white border even if the artwork appears on a white background.


Color Mistakes

Dark maroon appears on the right side of the shield and light maroon on the left. "ROANOKE" appears in light maroon, and "MAROONS" in white. See the PDF readme files on the logo download page for color specifications.

This RC shield is incorrect because the left side is in dark maroon instead of light maroon, and the right side is grey, instead of dark maroon.


Merchandise Logo vs. Uniform Logo

This is the merchandise version of the "MAROONS" logo that should be used on everything except for athletic uniforms.


This version of the "MAROONS'' logo is made specifically for uniforms. All uniform version logos have already been optimized for readability from a distance. There is no need to alter them.