Expenditure of Student Activities Funds

Student organizations receiving funds from Student Life Council (SLC) are required to comply with the following purchasing procedures of the college. Requests for Roanoke College funds to be committed will be submitted on the college requisition form to the Vice President - Business Affairs who will prepare a purchase order after the appropriate bidding process has been completed. Requests include: purchases, leases, rentals, subscriptions, memberships, prepaid reservations, services and contracts. If the requesting organization has a preference of vendors this should be noted on the requisition form along with the reason for preference. Any required signature on contracts will be obtained by the Vice President - Business Affairs.


A. All purchasing will be done by the Vice President-Business Affairs.

B. No employee, student or student organization is authorized to obligate the college except the Vice President-Business Affairs. The Assistant Dean - Student Activities is the budget manager for all student activities funds. All student organizations receiving student activities funds must submit purchase order requisitions or check requests for his signature.

C. Items purchased with college funds should benefit the college as a whole. Any item generally for personal consumption only should be paid for by the individual desiring said items.

D. All contracts involving financial matters in any way must be signed by the Vice President-Business Affairs or his designated representative.

E. Bidding requirements for consumable goods, equipment and contracts are as follows:

1. $0 - $100: the college can issue a purchase order without bids.
2. $101 - $500: the purchasing agent must obtain two or more bids (may be verbal).
3. Over $500: the purchasing agent must obtain two or more written bids.
4. Any request for sole source vendors must be noted and justified on the purchase order requisition.

F. All contracts between the college and vendors should be for no more than one fiscal year period beginning July 1 through June 30.

G. Purchases for items and services from college facilities, i.e. the Bookstore, Print Shop, Word Processing Center, Food Services, and Cavern, may be directly charged to a college account. These purchases should comply with the above guidelines. In particular, students may not use student activity funds to purchase personal items (see C., above).

H. Requisitions from student organizations can be submitted from July 1 through the last day of classes of each Spring Term. Requisitions submitted from July 1 until the fall registration is completed should only be for materials, supplies and services needed before the beginning of the Fall Term. Requisitions cannot be accepted after the last day of classes of each Spring Term.

I. Officers of organizations which attempt to obligate the college without proper authorization from the Assistant Dean - Student Activities or the Vice President-Business Affairs may incur personal liability for the expenditure.

Off-Campus Bank Accounts:

While college funds cannot be deposited in an organization's bank account, many organizations choose to keep funds acquired from sources other than the college in commercial banking institutions. Roanoke College makes no attempt to regulate these accounts, yet some common sense principles apply.

A. Request a Taxpayer Identification Number. This is accomplished by using IRS Form W-9 and is available from the IRS. Upon completing the form, submitting the request, and receiving a number from the IRS, establish your organization's bank account with the institution of your choice.

B. Use your organization's permanent college box number as an address for your account. Do not give the address as a student's box number or home address.

C. Two signatures should be required for any withdrawal of funds or writing of checks. One should be a student officer and the other the organization’s advisor. This is to ensure that funds are only being used for purchases authorized by the organization. Make sure that the bank understands your organization's check requires two signatures!


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