Motorpool Guidelines

Roanoke College Motorpool Guidelines
    To provide vehicles for official College business to departments of the College. The Motor Pool consists of (6) vans, and (4) sedans.
    The Motor Pool parking area is in the lower Library parking lot off of High Street.
    The Motor Pool is operated by the Department of Auxiliary Services.
    Request for use must be made by the faculty or staff to the Auxiliary Services Coordinator at Ext. 0. Requests for use are granted on a first come, first served basis.

    1. All vehicles will be signed out at the Information/Receptionist Office (second floor of College Hall) where the necessary forms, keys, and credit cards are available.
    2. The person requesting use of the vehicle, must sign the "Vehicle and Credit Card Assignment" form, and receive the keys, credit card and "Vehicle Trip Record" on which to record mileage and any problems that were experienced with the vehicle.
    3. Upon return of the vehicle to the proper parking area, all personal belongings and trash should be removed from the vehicle. The mileage card, keys (and credit card) must immediately be returned to the Receptionist Office. After hours, returns should be made through the drop box in the back door of College Hall.
    4. Students (with valid drivers licenses) are permitted to operate the college vehicles without the presence of faculty or staff if the activity is college related. However, if the activity requires travel out of the Roanoke Valley area, a staff or faculty must be in the vehicle when in transit. (Exceptions will be made for activities requiring use of more than one vehicle).
    5. Mileage, at a specified rate, is charge to an account number which must be provided by the user. (.45 per mile for vans, 27.5 per mile for cars)
    6. There should be sufficient gas left in the vehicle for the next user. Persons travelling out of town will be give a credit card. Gas may also be obtained at the Union 76 (Pillis Bros). A receipt will be given to be returned with the mileage card.
    7. No alcoholic beverage consumption will be allowed in college vehicles. Students violating this policy will e referred to the College Judicial System for appropriate action. Faculty, staff and employees will be reprimanded and/or dismissed.
    8. The glove box contains the vehicle registration and insurance service card.
    9. Police must be called for any accident. The vehicle should not be moved until the police have arrived.
    10. Leave the vehicle in a condition that would be satisfactory for the next user.
    11. Should the vehicle be returned in an unsatisfactory condition, or have incurred damages due to the driver's negligence, the sponsoring department will be charged.
    12. Drivers of college vehicles are expected to operate the vehicle in a safe manner abiding by all state and local traffic laws. The College will not be responsible for any traffic or parking citations that a driver receives due to improper operation of the vehicle or violation of traffic laws.
    13. Effective January 1, 1988 Virginia law required that drivers and front seat passengers of vehicles wear seat belts. It is the responsibility of the driver of a college vehicle to ensure compliance. The driver should also encourage other passengers to wear seat belts to reduce the risk of injury or death in an accident.

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