Organization E-mail Capabilities

*A request must be made through the Colket Center before student organizations can have access to their organization's account. To request access, please refer to "Request for Network Access" under "Organizational Information."

Sending and Receiving e-mail:

  • Specify on the application who is authorized to receive organizational e-mail. (Suggested to be only one individual).
  • Any mail sent to the organizations e-mail address will be forwarded to this individual.
  • Organizations cannot send e-mail from the organization e-mail account, rather it is sent from an officer's personal account
  • Begin each e-mail by identifying what organization the officer represents. At the end it may be beneficial to write that responses can be sent to your organizations e-mail.

Making and Using an "E-mailing" List:

  • Each organization has the capability of making an e-mail list which can be used to send mail to the current organization members.
  • This list is maintained by the organization (not Colket Center or Information Technology).
  • If your organization does not yet have a list, or you do not know if your organization has a list you will need to contact the Colket Center. They will set one up and/or show you how to maintain the list.
  • Be sure to update this list with current membership information.

If you have further questions, please contact the Colket Center.


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