Recognition of Student Organization

    1. A group will become a recognized student organization upon completing the following requirements and procedures:
      1. Hold interest meeting(s) to attract students who might wish to join the organization. The Student Activities Office can assist you in planning and promoting your meeting(s).
      2. Compile a list of potential members of the organization. The number of members should be sufficient to accomplish the mission of the organization and ensure the organization will continue as an on-going entity.
      3. Secure a member of the faculty of staff who will serve as adviser to your organization.
      4. Write and pass a constitution under which your organization will operate. This constitution should contain the following:
        1. name
        2. purpose
        3. membership
        4. meeting information
        5. officer selection and duties
        6. funding
        7. how to amend
        This state purpose and goals of the organization must be consistent with the statement of purpose and standing goals of the college. These documents are found in the front of the Student Handbook. Click here to see a sample constitution or pick one up in the Student Activities Office.
    1. The membership list, faculty/staff adviser, proposed constitution, and a report on how financial matters are to be handled and how budget needs are to be met must be submitted to the Student Activities Office. All sources of outside funding must be disclosed. This information will be submitted to the Student Government Association(SGA) for its review. a member of the forming organization will be required to attend the SGA meeting where the group's application for recognition will be reviewed.
    2. Upon receiving SGA's recommendation, the organization's request for recognition shall be reviewed by the Student Life Council.
    3. If approved by the Student Life Council, the recommendation is submitted for final approval by the Vice President-Student Affairs.
    1. Membership in all organizations must be open to any member of the Roanoke College community who is willing to subscribe to the stated aims and meet the stated obligations of the organization. Membership in student organizations is limited to Roanoke College student, faculty, and staff. Single-sex organizations such as those organizations affiliated with a national fraternity or sorority or a sports club, are exempt from the open membership requirement. Certain college- sponsored honorary organizations have selective criteria for membership.
    2. Recognized student organizations shall be granted the following privileges:
      1. Reserving and using college facilities and services.
      2. Use of the campus mail services for distributing notices and flyers.
      3. Use of college bulletin boards.
      4. Use of the Roanoke College name (see license agreement).
      5. Use of an organizational post office box (if available).
      6. Maintaining an on-campus account for organizational funds.
      7. Use of the college's tax-exempt status for purchases.
      8. Sponsorship of fund raising activities on campus.
      9. Use of the college's business license for resale of items.
      10. Ability to buy wholesale products through the college bookstore.
      11. Eligible to petition Student Life Council for access to student activity dollars.
    3. All recognized organizations are subject to the following conditions:
      1. Funding- organizations may petition the Student Life Council for use of student activities funds. Approval of such funds will, generally speaking, be granted for operation expenses and/or for events and activities directly or indirectly benefiting the entire student body. Budgets should be submitted in the fall for funding the following academic year.
      2. Annual Notification - organizations must sign a statement of commitment to be placed on file in the Student Activities Office plus provide that office with the names and titles of the officers and a membership roster for the following year before summer break. Any group failing to do so will be dropped as a recognized student organization and forfeit all rights and privileges granted through college recognition. See: Student Life Council, Appendix I - Funding Guidelines

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