Request for Network Access

Network Access Request for Student Organizations

Please fill out completely upon election of new officers.

This information will be good through:

Format: MM/YYYY


Your organization has an e-mail name, a computer folder to hold organizational computer files, and a folder to hold web page files. The Colket Center highly encourages the use of all of these resources. To find your organization's e-mail name and folders, visit the "Organizational Information" page.

Who should the organization's e-mail be forwarded to:



Who needs access to the network for storage space?

Format: One name per line.

Who needs access to the network for web space?

Format: One name per line.


Upon submitting this form, you verify that all of the above information is complete and correct. You accept responsibility for the content and use of that organization's WWW (World Wide Web) site. All publications and computer use associated with this privilege will be conducted within the policies of Roanoke College as found in the Student Handbook.

Your Name:

Your E-mail:

Your Position within the Organization:

If you have further questions, please contact the Colket Center or the Colket Center's Web Admin.


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