College Garden
Going green has never been as much fun as digging in the dirt on Roanoke College's Elizabeth Campus's College Garden.

Contact: Haley Toresdahl

Samaritan Inn
Mission: Serving the community in the name of Jesus.
The Samaritan Inn provides lunch and noon-day worship service daily. Volunteers and local religious congregations sponsor the facility. A daytime refuge for homeless people on Salem Avenue in Southwest Roanoke,VA. 


Shelter Listings
Roanoke College contact: Rebecca Ellis

Rescue Mission
Mission Statement: Helping hurting people in Jesus' name.

Roanoke College Contact: Ciara Sims

Micah's Backpack
Mission Statement: Micah's Backpack is a student run organization at Roanoke College that provides 45 underprivileged children in the greater Roanoke Valley area with weekend meals. Our goal is to provide easy, do-it-yourself lunches to kids of all ages who do not receive the proper nutrition at home.

Contact: Alex Weaver


R House

Every year, Roanoke students build a Habitat for Humanity house as part of orientation.

Micah's Backpack

Micah's Backpack is a student run organization that provides 45 local, underprivileged children with weekend meals.

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