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Jesse Griffin

Jesse Griffin
Director of The Center for Civic Engagement

College Garden
Contact: Haley Toresdahl

Samaritan Inn 
Contact: Rebecca Ellis

The Rescue Mission 
Contact: Ciara Sims

Micah's Backpack
Contact: Alex Weaver

West End Center
Contact: Mollie Gleason

Head Start 
Contact: Amanda Newman 

Lincoln Terrace Elementary
Contact: Sarah Palmer

Star City Foundation
Contact: Alexis McPherson

Family Promise of Greater Roanoke
Contact: Andrew Dittmar

Habitat for Humanity 
Contact: Katie Larrivee

Commonwealth Catholic Charities (refugee immigration center)
Contact: Tessa Sydnor 

Allison Micheals


R House

Every year, Roanoke students build a Habitat for Humanity house as part of orientation.

Micah's Backpack

Micah's Backpack is a student run organization that provides 45 local, underprivileged children with weekend meals.

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