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To Make an Appointment

The best ways to make an appointment are to call us at (540) 375-2302 or to come by the office, located in Morehead Hall.  Typically, meetings are scheduled for 50 minute duration between 8:30am-4:30pm Mon.-Fri. Students may walk in, but counselors may not always be available.

Please do not email us to make an appointment. You may cancel appointments by email but we would prefer that you not try to arrange appointments in this manner. Our appointments are scheduled on a first come-first served basis and the response time needed for emails presents significant challenges to this process. 

Caution Re: Email Communication with Counseling Center Staff

Each Counseling Center staff member has an email address, as listed below.  Please be aware that there is no guarantee that a particular staff member will read your e-mail message as promptly as you might desire or expect, for any of a variety of reasons, including illness or vacation. An e-mail may be sent to the wrong e-mail address. In addition, email is not a secure medium of communication and we cannot guarantee that your email will not be seen by a third party.

                ** Please be aware that Ms. Quigley's email is cquigley, not quigley. Please double check the address before emailing her.