Our Services

All currently enrolled Roanoke College students are eligible for Counseling Center services.

We Can Help You With:

  • Relationship problems involving roommates, romantic partners, friends, or family
  • Being so depressed or unmotivated you cannot get things done
  • Trouble with school work when you do not know why
  • Anxiety or anger that it is interfering with your life
  • Concerns about sexual issues
  • Feeling lonely or withdrawn from others
  • Difficulties surrounding food or weight
  • Present or past abuse or harassment
  • Feeling out of control, desperate, or suicidal
  • Working through sexual assault or other trauma
  • Problems managing your use of alcohol or other drugs
  • Problems in living which keep you from reaching your goals

We are happy to help students needing assessments for court with referrals to off campus providers.  All of our services are kept confidential. Please see the Confidentiality tab for more details.  

Individual and Couples Counseling/Psychotherapy

The Counseling Center staff provides on campus counseling which is free of charge. Sessions are usually 50 minutes long.  Our first session is an intake session, during which you and your counselor will discuss your concerns and identify goals for counseling. You may make additional appointments, as needed, at that time. Some students find that they need only a session or two while others require additional sessions.   You will work with your counselor to determine the correct course of action for you, based on your individual needs.

In situations where couples counseling is requested, we would require signed Releases of Information from both parties, allowing the counselor to speak with each client about the other.


The Counseling Center is involved in mental health related emergencies at the college both during, and after, business hours.  In case of life threatening emergencies, contact Campus Safety at 540-375-2310. For more information, please visit the Emergencies tab.  Off campus students, please call 911 for emergencies. 


We are happy to speak with members of the Roanoke community to consult about themselves or someone else. We can help with suggestions about how to make a referral to the Counseling Center or how to approach someone who may be having psychological issues.

Another way to help a student access treatment is by making a referral to the College's Care Team. The Care Team is comprised of College officials who meet regularly to review students of concern. Information that you have about students who may be in distress, or who may pose a threat to self or others, should be reported to a member of the Care Team. This centralized team will investigate your concerns and provide timely and appropriate intervention.  Click here for additional Care Team information.

Off campus referrals for both students and faculty/staff can be provided as well. We will happily meet with you on a consultation basis and make referrals that fit your needs and the situation.

Faculty and staff are eligible for free, short-term counseling through the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) as part of their benefits with Roanoke College. Counseling services are provided through Advantage EAP, an affiliate of Psychological Health Roanoke.  To arrange for a consultation, please contact the office and request a consultation appointment at 540- 989-6605 or 1-800-699-9396 or click here to link to their website.

Medication Management

Many students on campus receive mental health medication from Health Services. We frequently work with them to manage students' treatment. We will ask you to sign a Release of Information form so that we may have communication with your Health Services provider. When students have complicated medication needs, we and the staff at Health Services are happy to help with a referral to an off campus psychiatrist.


 While our primary work takes place on an individual, counseling basis with students, we are willing to participate in discussions relevant to the campus community. If there is a topic about which your group would like more information, please contact the Counseling Center with your request, including the topic you would like for us to discuss as well as the desired date and time of the presentation.

Health Withdrawals

For students in need of a health withdrawal, we refer you to the Dean of Students Office. The staff there can provide you with the necessary policies, procedures and paperwork necessary to begin the process of withdrawal. The Counseling Center staff is sometimes asked to consult on cases and/or review documentation as needed. 


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