Counseling Center

Morehead Hall


Welcome to the Roanoke College Counseling Center

The Counseling Center is here to help students learn to succeed as whole persons in college and in life.   

The Counseling Center offers personal counseling, informational programming, practical consultations, referrals to specialized care, and other mental health resources as needed for students to more capably live at their best intellectually, ethically, spiritually, and personally.  As students increasingly transition into lives of their own making, they encounter a broader world of ideas and possibilities that propel learning and choices about the life they want to live, the person they want to be, and the relationships they want to have.  It is no wonder that there can be times of stress, confusion, emotional turmoil, and troubling behaviors that interfere with personal success.  While students meet most of these challenges on their own, there are times when they need additional means to understand themselves and act effectively within their lives.  We are prepared to help students realize and develop the fullness of their lives by providing them with ways to more fully understand themselves and navigate the complexities of life in college.  We encourage any student concerned or struggling with how to go about life as they want it to discuss this with one of our counselors, even if they are not sure how counseling will help.  Meeting with a counselor in a compassionate, competent, and confidential setting is an opportunity to begin creating new possibilities. 

Please browse the rest of our website where there is more information about our professionally licensed staff, services we offer, how counseling works, and confidentiality.  


You can also call 540-375-2302 to arrange a time to speak with a counselor or just come by the front desk at Morehead Hall (between Chalmers and Health Services) to set the appointment, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  


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