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The following links and resources provide a variety of information related to getting help or assistance with alcohol and wellness topics. If you require more information, don't hesitate to contact the Alcohol and Wellness Coordinator at 540.375.2308.

For party hosts:

Safe Party Hosting Tips


On-campus resources:

Student Handbook

Counseling Center

Health Services


Off-campus resources:

Mt. Regis Center- Mount Regis Center's drug and alcohol treatment programs offer hope to men, women and their families suffering from the devastating consequences of chemical dependency. Mount Regis Center, located in Salem, Virginia, has been recognized as a national center of excellence for its quality alcohol and drug dependency treatment programs since 1947.


Lewis Gale Center for Behavioral Health, Salem, VA- The Lewis-Gale Center for Behavioral Health, located on the campus of Lewis-Gale Medical Center, has served patients in Southwest Virginia since 1975. We offer a variety of treatment options for alcohol and drug addiction, depression, anxiety, and a host of other issues. We have special programs for adults, adolescents, and children, and treatment is always provided in a confidential and comforting environment.