Roanoke College

Peer Health Education


Student Health Services offers a unique opportunity to RC students who are interested in challenging their friends to think about, discuss, and consider changing habits and attitudes toward high-risk health behaviors. We believe peers can be influential and effective communicators.       RC Health Education Awareness Team, aka RC HEAT is the group's name.

RC HEAT is a functional unit within Health Services. We look for energetic, creative, students with a good sense of humor who have a couple of hours each week to present enticing programs on topics such as safer sex, responsible alcohol use, and stress relief, to name a few. This group also provides leadership for campus-wide events such as Alcohol Awareness Week and Safe Spring Break activities.

Anyone interested in becoming a RC HEAT team member should fill out the application below.  Applicants selected will be notified to come in for an interview.  Training will be provided.

Click here to complete the application! Once you're finished, print and send via campus mail to Health Services or drop off at our office on High Street next to Chalmers.