Roanoke College

Health Services Staff


Roanoke College Health Services is nurse-directed, operating under the direct medical supervision of family physicians affiliated with Primary Care Associates. Health Services nurses are experienced RN's skilled in the assessment and treatment of health issues concerning college students. Serious illnesses are referred to the nurse practitioner or the physicians, or other appropriate providers. Our highly qualified staff members are dedicated to providing quality, confidential and compassionate health care to the students of Roanoke College.

Dr. Clement Binnings

College Physician



Sandra McGhee, RNCS/FNP, MS
Nurse Practitioner/Health Services Director
(Prescription Privileges)


Katherine Parrish

Katherine Parrish, MS, RN, FNP-BC

Nurse Practitioner (Prescription Privileges)




Robin Strosnider, RNC
Cert. College Health Registered Nurse


Darlene Orr, RN
Staff Nurse


Marcia Monroe


Kris Gunsten

Kris Gunsten, RN
Staff Nurse