Roanoke College

Kenneth R. Garren Awards


Nomination Applications

Deadline: March 18, 2009


The Office of Multicultural Affairs annually awards individuals and institutions for their outstanding work and efforts in promoting diversity and increasing awareness of the office to the RC community (Download applications with Word). This individual, group, and/or department also exemplify leadership quality needed to live, learn and work in a multicultural community. The Outstanding Roanoke College nominations are for:

Freshmen Award

Upperclassmen Male/Female Award

Faculty Member Award

Staff Member Award

Student Organization Award

Department Award

Consideration for recognition will be based on the following criteria:

- Promote diversity and contribution to Multicultural Affairs

- Demonstrates leadership skills and has made a positive impact to RC campus and/or to the community

- Innovative services, projects, and programs initiated by the student, faculty, staff, department or organization



Nominee: _______________________________________________________________________________

Nominator: _____________________________________________________________________________


E-mail Address: __________________________________ Phone Number: _________________________


Please write a letter of recommendation, whether it is a student, faculty, staff, department, or organization, stating why the person, group and/or department deserves the award and how the person, group, and/or department has contributed to the Office of Multicultural Affairs. Nominations will be accepted from faculty, staff members, or students.


If you have any questions, email Juliet Lowery at or call the Office of Multicultural Affairs at 540-375-2099. Thank you for your nomination.