Roanoke College

Breaks Information


General Information about Break Closings and Openings

Click here for the Request to Stay on Campus During Closed Periods Form

The College observes a number of breaks during the regular academic year, and with the exception of Afton, Catawba, and Elizabeth Halls and New Hall apartments, residence halls close during all break periods. It is recommended that you plan ahead and consider the dates of each break, especially if your break plans involve long distance travel.   

Residence hall card access is disabled during break periods.  Without approval to remain in your room during the breaks, access will be prohibited. 

Room and board fees only cover the number of nights for which class is in session. In order to cover the costs associated with staffing the residence halls beyond those days, the College charges a nightly fee for residents who wish to stay for these extra time periods. Students who have a College-approved reason to stay may do so at no additional cost.

For safety reasons, all students who stay over break MUST submit a Request to Stay on Campus During Closed Periods Form by the appropriate date and time (click here for a list of dates). Requests received within 24 hours after the deadline will be charged a $35 processing fee. Requests received anytime after that will not be accepted.  

For the 2014-2015 break calendar, click here. 

Staying Over Breaks

Students who do not live in Afton, Catawba, or Elizabeth Halls or in the New Hall apartments, should make arrangements to vacate their room during the breaks unless they are asked to stay for a College related event such as athletics or student employment.  Students who wish to remain during the breaks for personal reasons, such as employment off campus or late travel arrangements, may submit a request to remain for one or more nights and, if approved, may stay for a fee of $35 per night.  Students who plan to stay during all or part of the breaks, whether at the invitation of the College or for personal reasons, should submit a Request to Stay on Campus During Closed Periods form. 

Afton, Elizabeth and Catawba Halls and New Hall Apartments

Afton, Catawba, and Elizabeth Halls and New Hall apartments remain open during all breaks in the regular academic year. They are not open during May or summer.  Residents of these halls simply need to inform the Residence Life and Housing staff of their intention to stay during the breaks in order to do so at no charge.  They may do so by submitting a Request to Stay on Campus During Closed Periods form. For more information about breaks in these buildings, click here.