Off Campus Appeals Committee Guidelines


Each spring, during the official housing selection process the College grants a limited number of students a release to move off campus for the following year. Frequently more students request to be released for off campus than the College is able to accommodate. Additionally, each year a smaller number of students request to be released for off campus mid-year. The purpose of the Committee for Off Campus Appeals is to provide an appeal process for students who are not released for off campus status during the regular housing selection process and who do not meet other criteria for off campus living. A release to live off campus would be granted when the Committee concludes the student's petition demonstrates compelling reasons or significant extenuating circumstances that require a student to be released from their residential commitment to Roanoke College. 


The Committee shall be comprised of at least one member from the following campus departments or divisions:

  • academic services
  • admissions
  • business affairs
  • counseling services
  • faculty
  • financial aid
  • health services
  • residence life, (ex officio)
  • resource development
  • student

Committee appointments shall be made by the Vice President of Student Affairs & Dean of Students. A Committee chair shall be selected from the Committee membership, excluding the Director of Residence Life and the student.

Appeals Process

The Committee for Off Campus Appeals is likely to consider favorably only those appeals based on truly extenuating circumstances or that offer compelling reasons for granting the student's request. At all times the Committee will attempt to balance concerns for the individual against concerns for fairness and equity and for the needs of the institution.

Appeals shall be addressed to the Committee for Off Campus Appeals, c/o the Office of Residence Life.

New appeals submitted subsequent to a decision having been rendered will be heard only based on the discovery of new information which could not reasonably have been presented to the Committee at the time of the original meeting. The decision as to whether a new appeal meets these criteria will be made by the Director of Residence Life, based on the conditions noted above.

A student wishing to appeal for off campus release must do so by a specified date. Appeals for mid-year release will typically be heard in November. Appeals for academic year release will typically be heard within one week of the close of the spring housing selection process. Specific dates will be provided. Appeals must include a signed Appeal for Off Campus Release form in addition to a written request.

The Committee will evaluate requests for off campus release on the basis of the following criteria, which shall be outlined in the student's written statement:

(a) compelling reasons for the need to reside off campus;

(b) demonstrations of how living off campus will benefit the student more so than living on campus; and

(c) demonstrations of how living on campus presents a hardship to the student

The Committee will evaluate requests for off campus release of students in terms of criteria listed above and determine on a case-by-case basis whether or not to grant the off campus appeal. Only written materials shall be reviewed by the Committee and individual appearances before the Committee are not permitted.


The Committee shall meet twice a year and additional meetings may be scheduled if necessary. The first scheduled meeting shall take place sometime in November or December to hear appeals from students who wish to be released for off campus living beginning with the subsequent spring semester. The second scheduled meeting will occur within two weeks of the close of the spring housing selection process to hear appeals from students who wish to be released for off campus living beginning with the subsequent academic year.

Notification of Committee Decisions

The chair of the Committee shall make every reasonable effort to provide the student written notification of the decision of the Committee within 48 hours of the decision, excluding holidays, weekends, or other breaks in the academic calendar.







Important Dates  

November 7

  • Waiitng list for fall semester housing changes and assignments CLOSES
  • Written appeals for off campus release or other special housing accommodations for the spring semester are due
  • Applications for spring term Resident Advisor positions are due

November 14

  • Waiting list for spring semester housing changes and assignments OPENS 

November 26

  • Residence halls close for Thanksgiving break

November 30

  • Residence halls reopen

December 13

  • Residence halls close for winter break

January 11

  • Residence halls open for spring semester