May Term Housing Information

May  Housing Eligibility

Students are eligible to live on-campus for May if they:

  • will be participating in an on-campus May Term
  • will be participating in an off-campus May Term and need to store belongings 
  • have a college-sanctioned reason to be on campus

If you are staying on campus between graduation and the beginning of May Term, you will need to fill out a Request to Stay on Campus During Closed Periods Form in April. If you have a college-sanctioned reason to be on campus, you may stay at no additional cost. Those who do not have a college-sanction reason will be charged a rate of $35 a night.


Students who stay on campus for May Term or who store their belongings will use the rooms they reside in as of Spring 2014, unless they live in Bowman Hall. Because of the large impact of the Cregger Center project, it is possible that we will need to relocate students living in several other buildings for May Term. If that is indeed the case, these students will be contacted and will be assigned a different location. We apologize for any inconvenience. 


  • Students may stay at no additional cost if they are taking their first May Term class and have either (1) lived on campus for a full academic year and has deposited and selected housing for the subsequent fall, or (2) have lived on campus for 2 full academic years
  • Students who have approved college-sanctioned reasons to stay may remain in their current rooms at no additional cost. 
  • Students who do not have a May Term or college-sanctioned reason to stay but need to stay until summer session begins may rent their current room at a rate of $35 a night. 

May Term Housing Selection

There are three ways to choose May Term Housing:

  1. during regular housing selection
  2. during May Term housing selection, which will happen in early April
  3. by emailing and letting us know that you will need May term housing (Abroad students and displaced students only)

If during the regular housing selection process in March you indicate you would use your room during May term, it is not necessary for you to do so again. More information will be coming soon!

Move-In and Move-Out

Move-In: Technically, you'll already be moved in. However, the dates students are allowed to return to reside in their rooms is Sunday, May 12th at noon. If you are in a building that requires relocation for May Term, your move-in day would be Sunday, May 11th at noon. If you would like to stay for the week between graduation and move-in day, you should submit a Request to Stay on Campus During Closed Periods form. Students who do not have a college-sanctioned reason to stay on campus for the College during this time will be charged $35 a night. 

Move-Out: Saturday, May 31st at noon (If you are staying for Summer Sessions, we'll work with you on this, since you can't move in until the next day!)

May Term Housing Terms and Conditions

Click here for more information about the terms and conditions for living on campus during May Term.

Staying for Summer Sessions, too?

Students will need to move to the Market Street Complex for the summer if they are taking classes or working on campus. Click here for more information.


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