Intensive Learning Term - Terms and Conditions for Campus Living

Campus Residency Requirements:

Students are not required to live on campus during the Intensive Learning (IL) term.  However, if a student has lived on campus for a full academic year and has deposited and selected housing for the subsequent fall, or if a student has lived on campus for 2 full academic years, on campus housing is available at no extra cost (first IL term only - if a student enrolls in a subsequent IL term course, applicable room and board rates will apply.)

Housing Regulations:

  1. It is the responsibility of the student to become familiar and comply with all regulations as contained in the Roanoke College Student Handbook.  Particular note is made of the following:
  2. Individual rooms must be maintained in a safe and sanitary manner.
  3. Smoking is not permitted in Roanoke College Residence Halls.
  4. Students are expected to respect the rights and property of other members of the College community, and to engage in behavior that is consistent with the mission of the institution.
  5. A charge of $50 per day may be assessed for those students staying in the halls after closing, or returning before opening without permission from the Residence Life and Housing staff.
  6. Rooms in residence halls, with the exception of Afton, Catawba, and Elizabeth Halls, and the apartments in New Hall are rented only for those periods of time when the College is in regular session.  With the exception of Afton, Catawba, and Elizabeth Halls, and the apartments in New Hall students may not stay in the residence halls during the time period between hall closing at the end of the spring term and the start of the IL term. Student's belongings must be removed from all residence hall rooms at the end of the IL term.   At the end of the IL term resident students must vacate 24 hours after their last exam. 
  7. Authorized College officials may enter and/or search residents' rooms at any time for the purpose of conducting College business or in the event of an emergency. To ensure compliance with College policies, the Student Conduct Code, Residence Life and Housing policies, and fire safety guidelines, room inspections by College personnel are made regularly and may be made at any time, with or without notice. Residents need not be present during room entry, inspections, or searches. Unauthorized or illegal items found during an entry, inspection, or search may be confiscated. Additionally, law enforcement agencies are notified of criminal offenses that are discovered during room entry, inspections, or searches.
  8. All residents are issued a room key and an exterior door key or access card.   A $25 fee per key or access card will be charged for keys/ access cards that are lost or not returned.  All keys/access cards remain the property of the College and are not to be duplicated, loaned, or given away.  Lost or stolen keys/access cards are to be reported immediately to the Residence Life and Housing office.
  9. The College assumes no obligation to pay for the loss of, or damage to, personal property in College residence halls unless the loss or damage is due to the negligence of College personnel.  Students should check their insurance coverage to determine whether or not their personal belongings are covered under their current homeowner's/renter's policy.
  10. The occupants of each residence hall room are responsible for all activities taking place in their room, whether they are present or not.  They are also responsible for any items found in the room.
  11. During the IL term students will reside in the room in which they lived during the prior spring term.  Room changes are not available prior to and during the IL term.  Unauthorized room changes may result in a fine of up to $50.  Roanoke College reserves the right to make changes in room assignments at any time during the year.
  12. Students must vacate their living areas within 48 hours of termination of the housing agreement. All personal belongings must be removed. Personal belongings not retrieved within 30 days of termination of the housing agreement will become the property of the College and will be disposed of as College officials deem appropriate.

  13. The housing agreement is terminated when an individual:

a. withdraws officially from the College during the academic year;

b. graduates;

c. does not re-enroll for the subsequent term;

d. is granted an exemption by the Residence Life staff

e. is expelled from housing for good reason, in the judgment of College officials;

f. is suspended or expelled from the College;

g. fails to comply with any of the requirements herein.

Meal Plan:

Residential students will receive a meal plan of 19 meals per week.

Elizabeth Campus Residency Requirements:

Residents of the Roanoke College Elizabeth campus are required to provide their own transportation to and from main campus. 




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