Fall Break 2013

  • All residence halls except Elizabeth, Afton, and Catawba Halls close at 9:00AM on Saturday, October 12th and reopen at 12:00PM on Sunday, October 20th.

  • You may request to stay in your residence hall for all or part of the break. ALL requests must be made by October 9, 2013 using the Request to Stay on Campus During Closed Periods form. 
    • There will be a $35 processing fee for requests made after 4:30pm on October 9, 2013 and before 4:30pm on October 10, 2013.
    • No requests will be accepted after 4:30pm on October 10, 2013. 

  • If the request is for a college sponsored event such as a sport, activity, or job, residents may request to stay over break at no charge.

  • If the request to stay is for a reason other than a college sponsored event, the resident may request to stay at a rate of $35 per night.

    • Payment is due in exact cash or check to the Office of Residence Life and Housing by October 25, 2013. Payments after this date will be charged to student accounts and fined a late fee of $10.

    • Residents of Elizabeth, Afton, and Catawba Halls must still submit a Request to Stay on Campus During Closed Periods form, though there will be no additional cost to stay over break.


Frequently Asked Questions about Break Closings

  • Why do students have to pay to stay for Fall Break?

    The amount calculated for housing costs only covers the amount of nights that students are determined to be in their rooms in the school year. The additional cost of $35 per night allows the Office of Residence Life and Housing to hire additional staff members to work over fall break to ensure the safety of our residents.

  • Will the Office of Residence Life and Housing be open over Fall Break?

    The Office of Residence Life and Housing will be open regular hours throughout Fall Break, from 8:00AM to 4:30PM, Monday through Friday.

  • What if I want to stay for a few days, then leave, and come back early? Can I do that?

    Yes, you can stay for whichever nights of break you would like. Please specify this when submitting your form.
  • What if there is an emergency? Will there be staff available?

    Resident Advisors and an Area Coordinator on duty will be available if needed by residents. If there is an emergency, residents are urged to call Campus Safety at 540-375-2310.

  • Will the Commons be open during break?

    Unfortunately, the Commons will not be open during fall break due to the small amount of students on campus.



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