Off Campus Housing Guide

A Message from the Director of Residence Life

Dear Student:

If you are reading this information you are considering or have already decided to live independently off campus. Each year a number of Roanoke College students rent houses or apartments off campus, usually sharing the residence with other students. Until now in your college career you have resided in campus housing or with your family. We want to help you make an informed decision about your living arrangements and have a successful transition to independent living.

Renting an apartment or house results in many first time responsibilities and challenges as well as legal and financial obligations. Such matters as securing adequate and safe housing, signing a lease, arranging for utilities, living with more than one roommate, and being a responsible member of your new neighborhood can be at the same time exciting and overwhelming.

Information in this section is provided to assist students who live off campus with their housing needs and to communicate general college and community services.

I wish you well as you enter upon this new phase of your college career at Roanoke College.



Teresa "Tess" P. Blethyn

Director of Residence LIfe


Important Dates  

November 7

  • Waiitng list for fall semester housing changes and assignments CLOSES
  • Written appeals for off campus release or other special housing accommodations for the spring semester are due
  • Applications for spring term Resident Advisor positions are due

November 14

  • Waiting list for spring semester housing changes and assignments OPENS 

November 26

  • Residence halls close for Thanksgiving break

November 30

  • Residence halls reopen

December 13

  • Residence halls close for winter break

January 11

  • Residence halls open for spring semester