Step 4: Go through Housing Selection

Choosing an off-campus spot is just like choosing an on-campus spot! We create numbered spaces similar to "rooms" that students can select when they sign in for housing. Once the spots are all taken, students will not have the option of signing up for off-campus and should select an on-campus spot. 

Here is how students should go about participating in housing selection:

1. Log-in to the housing web service ( at the allotted time. For example, if a student has 35 or more credits, they can sign in at 8:10am on Thursday, March 21st.

2. Select a numbered off-campus space (similar to choosing an on-campus room). Students should search for "off campus." If there are any spots left, they will appear and the student can select one.

3. If there are no off-campus spots left, students should choose an on-campus spot. One will be assigned if they do not choose a space, so it is in their best interest to choose an on-campus room!

If the student was unable to get an off-campus spot through housing selection, they may choose to go on the waiting list beginning at March 24, 2015 at 4:00pm and/or they may go on to the next step: Submitting an Appeal.

The Steps to Seeking an Off-Campus Release
Step 1: Knowing the Facts Step 2: Determining Eligibility | Step 3: Preparing for Housing Selection
Step 4: Going through Housing Selection | Step 5: Submitting an Appeal

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