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Step 3: Preparing to go through Housing Selection

It sounds counterintuitive, but students who want to live off-campus can select an off-campus spot through the housing selection process. Each year, we are able to grant off-campus releases to a limited number of students through this process. (Who determines the number?)

Students who are interested in seeking off-campus release for 2013-2014, unless they are seeking commuter status, must participate in the Housing Selection process which begins on March 18, 2013.

How to Prepare to go through Housing Selection:

1.  Make sure that your housing deposit is paid to the Business Office by Friday, March 1st at 4:30pm. Even if a student is seeking an off-campus spot, this deposit must be made. If the student receives an off-campus spot, the $800 will be credited towards the student's tuition. 

2.  Starting March 18th at 9:00am, students may go on to the housing web service and fill out your profile. It is recommended that they do this before their time slot, so they can select as quickly as possible. This also ensures that if a student logs in but all of the off-campus spots are taken, the student can still choose an on-campus room. Students who select a room through housing selection in the event that there are no remaining off-campus spots will be given priority in the appeals process.

3.  Before March 21st, students should find out how many credits they have as of the end of Fall 2012. The number of credits will determine when their time slot is. For more information about housing selection, please see Returning Student Housing Selection Information. 

Ready for the next step? Going through Housing Selection is next. 

The Steps to Seeking an Off-Campus Release
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