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Rumor #1: Students whose families live close to campus are more likely to get an off-campus spot.

There is no criteria that determine the likelihood of students getting a spot besides the number of credits accumulated as of the end of the Fall 2013 semester. Those with the most credits will select spots first. 

However, if a student's family lives within 30 miles of the campus, they are eligible to become a commuter. Becoming a commuter is different from getting an off-campus spot through housing selection. Students who meet the criteria and would like to commute may submit a Request for Commuter Status form to the Office of Residence Life and Housing. 

Rumor #2: Only a certain percentage of seniors will be allowed to take off-campus spots.

We aren't sure how this one got started. Whichever students have the highest credit hours will select first. It's very likely that - because they have the most credits by nature - rising seniors will snag all of the off-campus spots. We do not have any quotas that we try to meet in terms of off-campus spots. It is out of control as to which students will select off-campus housing. It could be 100% rising seniors, if that is who chooses the spaces.

Rumor #3: Residence Life decides who gets off-campus and who doesn't.

The Office of Residence Life and Housing does not select students for off-campus spots. Students select the spots themselves when they log in to participate in housing selection. If students have more credits, they are likely to select a spot. There is no application process. However, there is an appeal process for those who did not get an off-campus spot, which goes through the Off-Campus Appeals Committee. No appeals decisions are made by Residence Life. 

Rumor #4: Residence Life decides how many off-campus spots are available.

The short answer is that Residence Life does not determine the number of available off-campus spots. The number of spots is also not arbitrary. It is actually carefully calculated based on previous years' data, future projections, budget numbers and other pertinent information. The number is calculated by the Department of Institutional Research.

Rumor #5 I need to submit an application live off campus. 

There's no application needed, though there are different steps to living off-campus. Being a commuter requires submitting a Request for Commuter Status form to the Office of Residence Life and Housing. 


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