Roanoke College

Waiting List


The waiting list for fall 2014 is now open.  Before submitting a request, please carefully read the following:

  • Each waiting list request you submit will cancel any previous waiting list requests you have submitted and will put your request at the bottom of the list. Only submit another request if you no longer want what you previously requested.
  • If your request can be met, you will be contacted by RC email and given one business day to respond.  If we receive no response from you, we will assume you no longer wish to be considered for the change and will remove your name from the waiting list.
  • Submitting a waiting list request does not guarantee a room change
  • The waiting list goes by date and type of request; due to the amount and variability of requests, we are unable to tell you where you are on the waiting list. 
  • If you submit a request for something that is not possible, (i.e., a single in Crawford, a double in CAR), your request will be deleted. Please check the different room types available in each building before submitting a request by clicking here.
  • Waiting list requests will be considered based strictly on what you request. If you request that you will only move if you have the combination of room type and location that you want, you will only be considered if that combination becomes available. It is not possible to update your request without submitting a new request and moving to the "bottom" of the list.

Click here to submit a waiting list request.  For more information on how the waiting list works, please click here.